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Hi There,

This is addressed to all respective readers of this proposal. Recently we reached out to you offering to redesign the WanderSafe website. Since then we have gone on to discuss some of the ways in which we could help design and partner with WanderSafe to help the company website become more modern, versatile and tailored for the target market.

The main purpose of the proposal, now that discussion focused on enabling a clear understanding of your companies needs has taken place; is to arrange a clear documented outline of the steps we can take to reach your desired goals.

I hope you enjoy looking through our proposal, if you have any questions. You can reach me personally at rylan@rhinodesign.net. Happy reading!

Kindest regards,

Rylan Ziesing - Founder & Project Director

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Our team has worked with Google, Adidas, Disney, Nike to name a few. As well as startups you haven't heard of yet.


International team

The internet brought way to building overseas connections, for us our team is from America, Australia and Europe.


Years of experience

With 100,000+ hours of industry specific experience, we offer a level of understanding to meet your needs.


Cloud communication

We use tools like Slack for communication, and platforms like Invision for presentations and markups.

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Project Objectives

"A poorly designed website is akin to a rude, unhelpful customer service rep." This can result in lowered trust from the user, leaving them dissatisfied and more likely to click off. Given the opportunity, our focus when working on the WanderSafe website will be to improve the overall design, layout and usability in order to increase click-through rates, decrease drop off rates, increase time on site and most importantly, conversions.


Currently WanderSafe's site would greatly benefit from a successful re-design, from improving the streamlining the layout, to adding compelling imagery and well placed call to action's; our first and foremost focus will be on offering a level of quality central to that of highly converting, data-oriented web pages. With this in mind, we will create website design concepts and migrate existing content to a new website with the following features:

  • Inviting call-to-action buttons that direct visitors and users to appropriate sections.
  • Easy to use and completely responsive on all devices to increase user experience, thus bringing down drop off rates and increasing conversion rates.
  • Highly compelling imagery so as to represent the positive experience of using your businesses products.
  • Typography, brand colors, illustrations, product shots and layout all used to present a professional, well built website. This will work towards building trust with the user and can be complimented with testimonials and links to articles from reputable sources.
  • Design tailor-made for the target audience to improve usability, thus increasing all measurable data points (time on site, click through rates etc.).
  • Easily locatable content, users can browse with ease free from confusingly placed elements and sections.
  • Well written code, especially important when preventing bugs and inconsistencies across devices.
  • Compressed imagery and various elements to greatly decrease load times.
  • Website compatible with all current major and lesser known browsers.

How we will get there

  • Agile development and design process, with research and cross-team reviewing and discussion sessions to stay on path with the project mission at the forefront.
  • Market research to explore various ways of displaying content, imagery & illustrations styles as well as competitor analysis to help us build a website far ahead of the curve.
  • User personas created and deeply understood to ensure that each individual choice has meaning and purpose behind it, nothing will be left up to chance.
  • Live url used throughout process to instantly view and track the changes being made, this is especially useful in the early stages when adjustments are all too frequent.
  • Data analysis preceding website deployment to help us continuously improve your website. This will extend beyond the specified project time-frame, allowing us to ensure that the service we offer you is profitable in the short and long term.


The WanderSafe website will be designed and developed, with all site pages fully updated, including current and future pages needing to be built:

  1. About
  2. Blog
  3. Press + Media
  4. Press Room
  5. Survey
  6. Contact
  7. Shop
  8. Checkout
  9. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Measuring success using through data analysis

Your website is an excellent tool, and it should be considered another member of your sales and marketing team. (One that works 24/7!) Your website is more than a cool branding exercise. It is a companion to your prospects at every stage of their buyer’s journey. We will measure the success of our improvements to the site using various tools, this includes a heavily customized version of Google Analytics for reporting, Hotjar for heatmaps and A/B testing. We will focus our attention on the following parameters, making changes according to what we discover:

  • Landing page conversion rates
  • % visitors moved to customers
  • % of people returning to the site
  • # of current customers subscribing
  • % of users clicking on CTAs

Project services


Web Design

We will design a high-converting website focused on bringing your company brand to life. From a new data-centric design to data to back up decisions.


Web Development

A responsive websites means the user is able to access and navigate easily on any device - this will be a crucial focus for us.

Timeline and what we offer

Rhino Design was founded two years ago, since then we have gone on to expand to a nine person team, along with multiple agency partners. Our business model revolves around offering a high quality service with communication and trust to help build a long term win-win relationship.

Discovery & Strategy

Week 1

Kanban Boards

Used to create an easy to follow timeline.

Market research

We conduct research to better understand your industry, competition and market.

User personas

We create a persona of your target users to help guide and influence the decision making process

Initial Layout Designs

Week 1

Design Prototypes

Asset discovery, applying market understanding to build mood boards and prepare for future design decisions.


Page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors.

Development & Design

Week 2 - 4


Collect feedback on interactive, working design.

Website Design

Typography, Color Schemes, Imagery, Illustrations, Further Layout Design, Responsive Design

Website Development

HTML Coding, Blog , CMS setup, Responsive Optimization (Ensures your website looks great on all screen sizes and devices)


Week 4


Google Analytics and other analytical tools are installed that allow for tracking user behavior and data on the site.

Go Live!

Once revisions and modifications are complete, the website will be updated and go live, and the design project will be complete.

WanderSafe website

Ther customers of WanderSafe are looking for something, what is it? Well you've created it. There are thousands of potential customers, all people ready to dive in and test out your new product. One of the ways they will do this is through the website, and if they don't, they are likely to visit your site at some point along the customer journey. And when this happens, you'll need a highly professional website with a clear outline, brand direction as well as all other areas thoroughly and carefully covered to meet the expectations of your market.

Room for improvement

Upon first analysis the WanderSafe website is using a template (or template inspired) Wordpress theme. Redesigning the website to meet and exceed current web standards would offer an immediate boost to the brand and quality of the company that deserves to be displayed. Even simple things like improving the responsiveness, color of fonts and spacing between sections would go a long way (as seen on the top of the landing page).

What can be done

Were you to engage us as your agency of choice, Rhino Design will work for you for the time required to boost the design and overall quality of the site, thus leading for us (and more importantly you) to meet the desired project goals. Based on our previous experience in various industries (some very similar to yours) and what can be done in the way of improving the site we will be able to increase conversions, thus meeting the required ROI for engagement.

Current design

The current WanderSafe website contains little personality and is uninspiring for more than just the average user. With overly large spacing between sections and hardly any interactive content, the user experience is another key factor that is sorely lacking in quality. Another factor working against your UX is the usage of stock photography, when more personal and inviting images could be used.

Future possibilities

Website inspiration is a key aspect in any web design project. It serves as a center point and a foot-holding to measure how much has been improved. Now not everything about each of these is perfect, but they do manage to get the UX right. They demonstrate an understanding of what a potential customer is looking for. And that's an experience, with large images, beautiful typography and an inviting interface. It draws the user into the brand's narrative.

Your Investment

Please find our project fees detailed below. The payment will be delivered in 3 milestones as the project progresses. We anticipate a 4-6 week turnaround time from concept development to site launch.

Custom Website Design & Development: $5,000 USD

Based on the time we have spent looking at your website, and the work that will need to be done we have calculated that an appropriate price is $5,000 USD.



Initial deposit to be paid before stage one begins.



Once we have completed initial wireframes and prototypes, the 2nd payment is due



Once the website is live, the final payment will be delivered.

Now what?

Let’s setup a meeting to go over our proposal, start brainstorming and get to work.
This can be the start of a great work relationship.

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