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Message from our founder

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If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting

Stephen Covey - 1932 to 2013

Hi There,

Recently we reached out to you regarding your company website, since then we have gone on to discuss the ways in which we could help design and build it to be modern, versatile and tailored for your target market.

Firstly, I understand how crucial these first stages can be, understandably you want to get everything absolutely right. Failure to do so could be a major loss to the company. If I didn't think my agency was the right fit, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I hope you enjoy looking through our proposal!

Kindest regards,

Rylan Ziesing - Founder & Project Director

Who we are


International team

The internet brought way to building overseas connections, for us our team is from America, Australia and Europe.


Years of experience

With 100,000+ hours of industry specific experience, we offer a level of understanding to meet your needs.


Cloud communication

We use tools like Slack for communication, and platforms like Invision for presentations and markups.


SMB & SME Clients

Our team has worked with Google, Adidas, Disney, Nike to name a few. As well as startups you haven't heard of yet.

Learn more about us

Our services


App & Web Design

We design high-converting websites and apps that bring company brands to life online



We drive company value forward - a brand is what separates businesses and we embrace this


Web Development

A responsive websites means the user is able to access and navigate easily on any device - anywhere

What we can offer you

Rhino Design was founded two years ago, since then we have gone on to expand to a nine person team, along with multiple agency partners. Our business model revolves around offering a high quality service with communication and trust to help build a long term win-win relationship. The years of industry experience, testimonials, client list and portfolio all come together to demonstrate our vision.

Chartmetric website

We will build and design the new website so that it can be delivered in a zip file prepared to deploy. During the project we will design and develop simultaneously, this allows you to get a live preview of the site and exactly what it will look like on various devices.

Room for improvement

Upon first appearance the Chartmetric website is outdated. Redesigning the website to meet and exceed current web standards would offer an immediate boost to the brand and quality of the company that deserves to be displayed. Even simple things like improving the responsiveness would go a long way (as seen on the top of the landing page).

What can be done

Were you to engage us as your agency of choice, Rhino Design will work for you during the time required to boost the design, layout and overall quality. Based on our previous experience in your area and what you require, we would be a suitable choice. We will also include ongoing support and communication for one year post completion.

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Relevant work
This is a preview of some the work our team gets up to, as well as the results it's produced

Block Array
How we helped a blockchain startup improve their web presence

How we helped

Block Array is a blockchain-based startup focused on providing vertically integrated solutions from the protocol layer to mobile applications for the supply chain and logistics industry. During their ICO period, they reached out to us in need of a new placeholder website. Since then we have gone on to become their design agency of choice.

"Hats off to everyone who's been doing the website, looks very professional and makes a great case for the product"

Jason, Block Array investor

"Congratulations to whoever optimized the website loading speed"

Adnane, Block Array investor


Poorly designed with unusable layout


Unprofessional and unappealing to users


Slow load times and high bounce rate


Cluttered information and unresponsive


Responsively designed to increase user retention


Appeals to investors and industry professionals


Easy to use and appropriate layout 


Fast load times and reduced bounce rate


Reduced loading time

We reduced loading time for the website by more than 150-300% so it will almost always load in under 1 second.


Lowered bounce rate

Reduced bounce rate by 18% and Increased average time spent on the site by 27 seconds


Kept users engaged

Increased number of pages visited per user on average, with most users visiting up to 5 pages

What web based analytical tools do we use to measure results?
We use a variety of analytical tools: From custom Google Analytics report templates to Mixpanel, Optimizely and Hotjar.

Want to keep on looking?
Here's some various work we've done. Not all of it has recorded data, but we're proud of it nonetheless.

Helping to build a capable platform for teams

Designing a new home for an email service

Social media platform
Designing the components of an up and coming platform

Adidas NMD
Designing and developing a new Adidas website

Responsive apps
Combining advanced features with intuitive design



Project engagement

Stage one - 3-5 days

We conduct research to better understand your industry, competition and market.

Stage two - 6-14 days
Prototype product x3

After discussing our ideas with the team and respective partners, we create three different prototypes to convey draft ideas.


A phase used until the prototype is where it needs to be. Eg. variants of a logo, design, website layout.. etc.

Stage three - 14-21 days

We develop alongside design, this allows you to see live changes as if it was an already launched website.

final stage - 2-10 days
Provide deliverables

We deliver all project assets upon completion and payment.

Project complete ⚡️
25 - 50 days
Kanban boards

Kanban boards are created to allow for more a decisive and easy to follow timeline. This includes project tasks to track.

Ideas board(s)

An endlessly useful asset in the project, ideas boards offer an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking about potential solutions.


Another opportunity for further discussion, we use this phase to discover what needs to be improved.


Prototypes working? Layout functional? We now focus on the design of the product. Eg. color, imagery, typography, animations etc.


The final phase in the development and design of the project, used to make sure everything is ready for market.


Because our relationships with clients are ongoing, we continue our partnership to help when it's needed.

Not viewable on mobile devices


The average amount we charge clients for designing and developing a website ranges between 4k to 10k USD. If we were to work on the Cartmetric website, focused on improving it in all areas. It can be estimated that the cost of the project would be $5000 USD.

Now what?

Let’s setup a meeting to go over our proposal, start brainstorming and get to work.
This can be the start of a great work relationship.