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Message from our founder

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Hi There,

This is addressed to all respective readers of this proposal. Recently we reached out to you offering our website design services. Since then we have gone on to discuss some of the ways in which we could help partner with Blackout Media to help the company produce a new modern, versatile website tailored with your vision in mind.

The main purpose of the proposal, now that discussion focused on enabling a clear understanding of your companies needs has taken place; is to arrange a clear documented outline of the steps we can take to reach your desired goals.

I hope you enjoy looking through our proposal, happy reading!

Kindest regards,

Rylan Ziesing - Founder & Project Director

About us


SMB & SME Clients

Our team has worked with Google, Adidas, Disney, Nike to name a few. As well as startups you haven't heard of yet.


International team

The internet brought way to building overseas connections, for us our team is from America, Australia and Europe.


Years of experience

With 100,000+ hours of industry specific experience, we offer a level of understanding to meet your needs.


Cloud communication

We use tools like Slack for communication, and platforms like Invision for presentations and markups.

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Project services


Web Design

We will design a high-converting website with all of the features users will need to have the best experience possible.


Web Development

A crucial aspect of any digital resource, without an well written back-end, quality user experiences cannot be guaranteed.

Project timeline

Rhino Design was founded two years ago, since then we have gone on to expand to a nine person team, along with multiple agency partners. Our business model revolves around offering a high quality service with communication and trust to help build a long term win-win relationship.

Discovery & Strategy

Week 1

Kanban Boards

Used to create an easy to follow timeline.

Market research

We conduct research to better understand your industry, competition and market.

User personas

We create a persona of your target users to help guide and influence the decision making process

Initial Layout Designs

Week 1

Design Prototypes

Asset discovery, applying market understanding to build mood boards and prepare for future design decisions.


Page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors.

Development & Design

Week 2 - 3


Collect feedback on interactive, working design.

Website Design

Typography, Color Schemes, Imagery, Illustrations, Further Layout Design, Responsive Design

Website Development

HTML Coding, Blog , CMS setup, Responsive Optimization (Ensures your website looks great on all screen sizes and devices)


Week 4


Google Analytics and other analytical tools are installed that allow for tracking user behavior and data on the site.

Go Live!

Once revisions and modifications are complete, the website will be updated and go live, and the design project will be complete.

Your Investment

Please find our project fees detailed below. The main payment will be delivered in 3 milestones as the project progresses. We will be focusing on meeting the deadline of the early December launch and anticipate a 4-6 week turnaround time from concept development to site launch.

Custom Website Design & Development: $2500 USD



Initial deposit to be paid before stage one begins.



Once we have completed initial wireframes and prototypes, the 2nd payment is due



Once the website is live, the final payment will be delivered.

Custom Illustrations: $275

Hosting: $16 a month

Now what?

Let’s setup a meeting to go over our proposal, start brainstorming and get to work.
This can be the start of a great work relationship.

Rhino Design