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Before you submit an article, ask the following questions. They’ll help to clarify the writing and content.

Who’s the audience?
We publish content for industry professionals, entrepreneurs and business managers who are interested in learning more about the digital space. Especially within the design industry. Your post should appeal and speak directly to one or more of these audiences.

Why should they read it?
All articles are written with a thesis and takeway point in mind. This helps to understand the reasoning behind why people will want to read your article. Clear and discussion points will add value to the overall piece.

What purpose does the article serve?
Functional and interesting content is a centerpiece for all of our articles, we ensure that our content is relevant and useful to our readers. From guides, case studies all the way to opinion pieces, our articles are there to serve a purpose and meet the expectations of our readers.

Is this article unique?
The internet is a competitive marketplace where one blog post on a subject is just as easy to access on another. What will readers do with the information you provide?

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