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7 Logo Design Trends to Stand Out in 2018

A logo is much more than a small image that represents your business. It is something that the customer will connect with and the image will be etched in their mind and that’s what will pop up the mention of your business. An interesting and professional logo designs will not only give a better impression of your business but also makes it easy for customers to remember your business.

Trends in the logo designs have been changing and if you are keeping track of the trend or anticipating the changes, look ahead to gain some more insight into the logo trends of 2018.

1. Catchy Typography

Having text on your logo is the easiest way to make sure people remember your brand name. It leads to zero confusion and is pretty straightforward. Logos with texts can easily look boring if not done right. Not-so-neat is the key in this style. Styles like split typography, hand-written effect, chaotic typography, cap-free typography, faded or broken letters are trending and have seen much success.

2. Geometric Shapes

Use of basic lines and shapes has been a trend even in 2017 and we have seen it getting better in 2018 too. Combination of elementary shapes, abstract symbols, animals, pixel grids etc. are constantly seen in geometric logos. They have a professional logo design and a minimalistic interest in them.

3. Hand drawn or Handmade Look

Even though turning a handmade logo into digital one is a task, it is still a standing out trend. With the introduction of various software, this task has been made easier. The simple and subtle look of the logo attracts most people. Most restaurants and cafes have this style of logo. Even while having a personal touch to them, they have a potential to be a professional logo design.

4. Overlays

MasterCard’s new logo and MetLife Logo are examples of this style. Overlapping of images, shapes or letters constitute this style. It has an abstract and stylish look to it. The designs are pretty simple to create but they complete and like professional logo designs. They just need neat, not overdone and messy.

5. Hidden Meanings

Smart logos have a great impression of your business. It’s the time of ‘puns’. Simple illustrations having a hidden meaning are more interesting and catchy. For example, the ‘E’ and ‘x’ in FedEx logo, forms an arrow between them, signifying the ‘express’. Such designs are most remembered by people and highlight some quirkiness.

6. Minimalist

Simplicity is the best. The simplest logos are easily remembered by people than the complicated ones. Such logos say a lot in the most minimalistic way. It involves no decoding like the ‘hidden message’ style. It is straightforward and gives the message directly. It could be by the means of a simple word or illustration or mix of both.

7. GIFs or Minimal Animation

GIFs have been trending all over social media in 2018. Due to this, the trend in logos have also been changing. A minimal animation or a little movement in your logo can be more engaging with the slightest factor of surprise in it. It also adds a ‘lively’ touch to the logo. Any static logo that is already existing can be turned into this style with just a few simple steps.

Trends have been changing with coming up with new technology and changing mindsets. People expect change and betterment in everything. Logos, being an image that reflects your brand should be no exceptions. Make sure to look out for these standing out trends in logo designs in 2018 and make the right change.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He loves to share his personal thoughts and insights on Best Logo Designers In India, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm and Exhibition design, to name a few.

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