Our service

Websites: we build engaging sites that meet our client's goals

Market research

In-depth research conducted to help our team better understand your companies objectives, the industry, competition and market.

User personas

We create multiple personas of your target users to help guide and influence the decision making process moving forward.

Design Prototypes

Asset discovery and applying market understanding to build prototypes and prepare for future design decisions.

Development & Design

HTML Coding, Blog , CMS setup, Responsive Optimization All done at the same time we design the website, so that you can see a live preview of what it will look like.


Your website has been created and is ready to launch - Once we have finished testing it will then be sent on to Amazon AWS level servers and viewable to the public.

Development, Design & Analytics

From experience building E-Commerce sites to fully fledged blogs, we have the expertise to meet your web objectives.


From HTML, CSS, Javascript to other languages & frameworks


We design to meet objectives and boost conversions


Whether you need a blog, news section or careers page, we can help


Selling items online? Our frameworks integrate with all common platforms


From animations to moving parts, these are used to increase UX

Screenshot of our website managers posting system

Block Array Website and Brand

Block Array is a blockchain-based startup. During their ICO period, they reached out to us in need of a new placeholder website. Since then we have gone on to become their design agency of choice. Recently we completed the new Block Array website, view the case study below.


Agile approach to make changes quickly


Appeals to investors and industry professionals


Speedy load times as fast as Google


Mobile responsive layout


Online brand center
View case study

"Hats off to everyone who's been doing the website, looks very professional and makes a great case for the product"

Jason, Block Array investor

"Congratulations to whoever optimized the website loading speed, one of the fastest I've ever seen and great for UX"

Adnane, Block Array investor

"Website looks really professional, this will be great for marketing and when we get press releases going alongside the new site update as well."

Eric, Block Array investor

Wireframing & Prototypes

Wireframing and prototyping websites allows for agile development and design decisions to be made. In the first stages of our projects it has proven to be the most effective initial stepping off point when done correctly.


We focus and hone in on the design of each website for a variety of reasons. From properly presenting the company brand in a professional manner, all the way to improving conversions to increase sales.


A crucial aspect of any digital resource, without the back-end quality user experiences cannot be guaranteed. Simply put, a website can look outstanding, but without a stable framework to support it, the whole site will end up falling in on itself.